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san lorenzo rebels girls jv volleyball 2012

The Rebels Girls JV Volleyball Squad delivered both times in Alameda in 2012! After the first series vs the Hornets we realized we needed to prepare to be "entertained, engaged and enlightened of the drive & spirit" that the San Lorenzo Girls JV Squad Exhibited

volleyball rebels natalie martines serving

The Visiting San Lorenzo Rebels Girls JV Volleyball Squad (Above #4 Serving)swept the Island City of Alameda both High Schools Alameda & Encinal in October 2012. The Hornet had this meeting marked as a win due to the fact that the Rebels JV squad was off to a bad start of the season. Alameda High Hornets were no match. The Rebels vs Alameda Hornets got off to a slow start and kept it close but once they got going the Rebels ran off with the sets.Later in the Month the Rebels returned to the cross town school Encinal Jets (which were much stronger than Alameda) which was highlighted with a 30 hit rally ending in favor of the jr Rebels (Video Will Be added of the rally and more team pictures with the website design is uploaded with the San Lorenzo Rebels having their own page on our site )

13 blocking shot vs jets

Here #13 of the rebels goes up to block the shot vs Encinal Jets

san lorenzo Rebels team huddle

San Lorenzo Rebels have made us take a step back and take notes and pay attention to them because we might be looking at future Team USA Volleyball Members. As the Press we are always follow the young mens of high school sports like De La Sale Spartans for they're football domination over the last 2 decades. It's refreshing to see the young ladies of San Lrenzo High play with the same competative drive, team work for the game they love.

san lorenzo rebels jv volleyball

(above #5 & #12 with another teammate play the ball in their victory vs the Encinal Jets



Al Davis SI tribute

For the moment we all believed Al Davis would get the cover of SI after his passing. With everything he had done for the football world. Oh no Sports Illustrated gave the cover to Nascar Jimmy Johnson. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" then you give a little spot between your title that anyone could miss even with perfect vision. This is just wrong. I dont care how you explain it, it is just WRONG! Al Davis has earned the respect to be on the cover, he was a legend, a icon and one of the great football minds ever.Not to mention a Owner Rebel who stood up to to system and still stood for the system. Even a little photo insert at the top, bottom or anywhere on the cover would have been nice. Sports Illustrated you blew it bad this time.


Al Davis SBXVIII getting trophy


A source who wants to remain anonymous has said that Ron Wolfe's name has been floating around the Raiders as being brought back to help out in the front office. Wolfe worked the Raiders in the past with much success with the Raiders and around the NFL. This move would be a wise choice and it would show the Raider Nation and the NFL the are doing everything they can to strengthen the Raiders front office and everyday football operations


Raiders Gene Upshaw SBXV

Classic image of Raiders Great, HOF, Players Assiociation Leader Guard Gene Upshaw surrounded by media after the Raiders smash the Eagles in Super Bowl XV in New Orleans. The Raiders were the first wildcard team to win the superbowl and behind a QB bust known as Jim Plunkett who's carrer was saved by Al Davis. Plunkett was named SBXV MVP and he also led the Raiders to another SB victory over the Redskins in SBXIII.


The team exposed their hearts on their sleeves and a decal black raiders shield with AL on it on their helmets and played through this emotional time and with no time left grabbed the win out of the air (Michael Huffs interception in the endzon) with no time left. This win lefy Head Coach Hue Jackson in tears on one knee. This is only the beginning


Complete Team Effort to say the least. They did it for the Raiders, they did it for Coach Davis


This is a sad day not only for the Oakland Raiders, the NFL, or almost 5 decades in American Sports History. It is a lost for every American who has dreams, visions & goals. Staying focus and being true to yourself and what you believe in. He was a man's man, a football dictonary.The true defintion of honor, loyalty and commitment. Love him or hate him you have to repsect him. He is Al Davis. Just like the untimely passing of Steve Jobs, the passing of Al Davis is truly sad and nothing short a loss of a legend. But at the same time we can reflect on the true blessing Al Davis was to all as Americans from all walks of life. We can all look back on they're lives as a whole and feel the fire, desire & passion for the dreams, visions & ideas. They never let anyone tell them they can't do it. All of us should look in the mirror and see the path they have lit bright and showed us all, we can be & do anything. So today on "I am living my dream & no one is going to tell me different ". Thank You Mr. Al Davis for following your dreams and making them our reality. Al Davis is not only a success as a Father, Husband, Friend and the greatest Raider figure of all time. Al Davis is a success as a man. He did "Just Win Baby"

Al Davis


Richard Seymore Tom Brady

Raiders DE (former Patriots DE) Richard Seymore gets called for a personal fool after he put Patriots QB Tom Brady on the ground after the whistle (which was impossible to hear because the crowd was loud)

Hue Jackson Wes Welker

(Above) 1st Year Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson is chating with Patriots Wes Welker during pregame warm ups as All Pro Punter Shane Lechler watches


Raiders Defense sacking sanchez

The Raiders Defense (shown above sacking Jets QB Mark Sanchez) bounced back very well in the victory vs the NY Jets. New England is coming to town this Sunday.



The Raiders come off sweeping the AFC West going 6-0 in 2010. This year they will need to produce the same outcome and win all of the home games and sweep the West division again to make the playoffs and get the monkey off their backs. The Raiders have not won a preseason game this years but that is ok. 1st year headcoach Hue Jackson needs to command nothing less than dedication to Pride & Poise and turn the Oakland Raiders into a playoff dominant team.


Love the Throwback uniforms the Bills wear on a perfect weather football day at home vs the Raiders it seems almost every year. Rookie WR #17 Moore is more of a weapon in the injured WR group in the Raiders 2011 group 2 games into the season. The 1st half Oakland has really kept the penilties down to a minimum. At the end of the first half with the score 21-3 Oakland after the Bills missed a FG try at the end of the half. The Raiders were playing another solid game on the road with next weeks home opener vs Rex Ryan and the New York Jets followed by Tom Brady and the Patriots. McFadden is one of the hardest runners today who is not afraid of lower his shoulder for the extra yard or in todays case the rushing TD, which Oakland had 3 rushing TD's in the first half with Michael Bush & QB Campbell getting the other 2. 2nd half opens with a 80 yard Bills drive for a TD vs the Raiders after a PI against Chris Johnson. Buffalo Bills at this point are able to move the ball at will so far in the second half which the raiders are just laying down and allow the Bills to score their second TD of the 2nd half. After the start of the 4th QT the Raiders find themselves behind, which means the Bills have scored 21 unanswered points after going in to halftime up 21-3. 4th QT up 35-31 the Raiders had the bills at 4th and 1 with 18 seconds left with in the 10 yard line a passing play over the middle to a wide open Bills WR and after a 60 yard hailmary by Campbell came up as incomplete and it looked like the receiver and db both came up with control the ball (I also thought the tie will go to the receiver) sealed the fate of falling apart and the Hailmary meant the refs saying HELL NO! just like in the past to lose the game with a final of Raiders 35 Bills 38


Wide Receiver #17 Moore had a game today in Buffalo that everyone has been waiting for our #1 draft pick Heyward-Bey to have. Moore is now on the radar of all the NFL and Jason Campbell knows he will go up to catch the ball and bring it in. Today Moore received his first NFL TD. Welcome to the NFL!


Raiders starting QB should Poise yesterday in the back and forth battle in Buffalo with the Raiders coming up short. New targets in Moore & Hagen that have out performed the missing starters (Heyward-Bey, Murphy) and now the Raiders have a real potential of bringing back the air raid from the past into modern era. It was beautiful to see the touch on the ball Campbell had like we have not seen in Oakland in a while. Rader Nation is behind Jason right now so this is how you build on it. Sunday with the Jets in town it will be loud and yelling for Jason, so Jason hear is some advise don't walk with it RUN & run as fast as you can and air it out. Just Win Baby!

jason campbell


Chris Johnson

Yes on tape it looked horrible and all his fault. The interception in & out of his hands in the endzone and a PI penaty, however starting CB Chris Johnson is not at fault for the break down in the complete second half vs the Bills. Lets see how Chris and the other defensive members react & bounce back from the defensive meltdown in Buffalo.

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Mark Sanchez


The Last time the New York Jets came to town was 2009 Mark Sanchez's rookie year and he tore the town up, now the test will be what happens this time when matched against another veteran QB and not Jamarcus Russell.


49ersVsRaiders in thier classic match up the SF 49ers will host the Oakland Raiders (above image is Vernon Davis & Michael Huff 2006) Saturday August 22nd @ Candlestick Park


RaidersHOF Willie Brown poses with 2 future HOF Raiders CB Nnambi Asomugha & former Raiders & current Patriots WR Randy Moss after a Raiders loss to the Patriots in December 2008



BackInTheDay the NFL had all preseason games on the week or if it was the Monday Night Football & it felt like the season was longer, everybody loved it now its on week nights at 7:00pm tomorrow. Issue #2 PRICES are at the regualer season prices. They should be $30 per ticket for preseason and they would be sold out. So we say Preseason should be on weekends only & no more than $30.00 each (suites are more) & lets say parking$10.00. Sounds like Raider Nation could celebrate.


2009ProFootballHOF inductee former Raiders & 49er Rod Woodson (who's children all wore his jersey's from every team he played for in his hall of fame career. Also KC Chiefs and AFC West "Sack Master" Derrick Thomas (above image vs Jags)

alex smith in action 2010

49ersQBAlexSmith (above) Is the 2011 starter and is out to prove he was worth the #1 pick



2008 had many highlights for the Oakland Raiders. One was againts San Diego in a rare home game with the white jersey by the Raiders & Safety Gibril Wilson (above left image) stopping Chargers RB LT in the end zone and knocking the ball loose for safety & rookie RB 1st rounder Darren McFadden (above right image) flexxed his muscles in hops of adding respect to what can become in 2009 a well rounded Oakland running game.

Even The Raiderettes have fans at the games (above image)


49ers HOF Safety Ronnie Lott shown above against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the 80's and you can see the intense look of the safety eyes.


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Natalie Raiderette of the Year 2010

This section will be dedicated to The Raiderettes current and of seasons past. From the favorites from the LA era through the Oakland years including the 2010 Raiderette of the Year Natalie (above image 2009) & fan favorite (below Erica 2004) to the new rookies in 2011.


Raidertte Lytisha Voted Best Image 2010

Raiderette Lytisha (above). This Photo was voted best Candid Raiderette image from the game last year.


Oaklands Childrens Hospital

Oaklands Childrens Hospital The place where miracles are performed everyday by people who care for children


The Raiders 49ers rivalry has had some of the best playing against each other. Image above is 49er Great Joe Montana in 1986 playing the then LA Raiders with 3 Mile Lyle Alzado.


Above Image show HOF Raiders running back Marcus Allen recieve the Commitment to Excellent Award in 1987 in the same game that was Walter Paytons last game againts the Raiders in LA (image at top in the header)

Raiders HOF Coach John Madden (above celebrating a Cliff Branch TD in the 70's) is one of the most respected personalities of our time


RB Pete Banazak (above in action vs the Houtson Oilers)was a big part of the Raiders 1970's greatness



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